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Local Miku 2

April 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Miku and Sapporo Ramen Noodles

“If there are local versions of Hello Kitty, why don’t we have local versions of
Hatsune Miku?” part 2 : Miku and sapporo Ramen Noodles! 
Sapporo is famous for its ramen noodles, and there is even a “ramen alley”
that has 17 ramen restaurants. 
There are mainly three kinds of soup for ramen: soy sauce, miso, and salt soup. 
Sapporo style is curly noodles in a miso-based soup, but actually many cities
in Hokkaido have their own special ramen noodles.  For example,
Hakodate is famous for salt-soup ramen, and Asahikawa for soy-sauce-soup ramen
( and the latter has a “ramen village” that has eight ramen diners). 
Why don’t you come over to Hokkaido to taste those various kinds of ramen noodles!
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Local Version of Hatsune Miku

April 27, 2011 Leave a comment

a red-crested Miku

If there are the local versions of Hello Kitty, why don’t we have the local versions of
Hatsune Miku?
So I thought about it –how’ that?  A red crowned crane Miku!
The red crowned/crested crane can be seen in eastern Hokkaido throughout the year. 
It is the official bird of Hokkaido and also designated as a special natural monument of Japan. 
A perfect material for a Hokkaido limited version of Miku, n’est ce pas?
The hair color of this local Miku should be blue, because it’s based on Snow Miku (oops,
maybe we’ve already have a kind of local Miku). 
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What’s New, Pussycat?

April 26, 2011 Leave a comment

The picture above is a local Hello Kitty ballpoint pen,

featuring a red crested crane in eastern Hokkaido.   

Each prefecture in Japan has it own “Local Kitty” products, and Hokkaido has a lot of them!

For example, lavender Kitty, Marimo Kitty, Sapporo-clock-tower Kitty, Rugosa-rose Kitty,

Hokkaido brown bear Kitty, Hokkaido-fox Kitty, Yubari-Melon Kitty, corn Kitty,

Scallop Kitty, Canned-crab Kitty, Squid ramen noodles Kitty… !!!

The local versions of Hello Kitty would be a good souvenir, because they feature

local products and you cannot get them outside of that area. 

One of many enjoyable things about traveling is to find a unique local Hello Kitty!

My dog also loves Hello Kitty in her own way.

Town of Hatsune Miku?

April 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Last weekend, we went for a drive and stopped in Mikasa. 

Mikasa is the second smallest city in Japan with the population of just over 10,000. 

But this small city has something interesting — Hatsune Town!!

The bus stop in the picture above says “Hatsune Town Entrance”.


This is “Hatsune Children’s Park”. 

You can see the snow still remains on the other side of the park. 


This is  “Crawford Park” near  “Hatsune Town”. 

Mikasa was once prosperous as a coal-mine town, and the third railroad in Japan was built

between Horonai in Mikasa and Teine in Otaru for the transportation of coal.

An American engineer, Joseph U. Crawford was invited as an expert in the construction of railroads,

and now this memorial park is in the site of former railway station and displays several trains.

This signboard in the park says:

Crawford Park

Joseph U Crawford (1842-1924)

In 1878,  he arrived from the United States, invited by Hokkaio Development Commission 

as an expert in the construction of railroads.

He instructed the building of Horonai Line whose purpose was the transportation of coal

from Horonai to Otaru.

He introduced the railway construction technique to Hokkaido.

May the force be with you

April 23, 2011 Leave a comment

a warrior clad in armor

 May 5th is a day to celebrate boys’ growth and to pray for their future health. 

Households with boys display suits of armors (like the picture above).

Sometimes, a certain kind of helmet and armor becomes popular, thanks to a TV drama or a video game.

This  (above) is the helmet of Naoe Kanetsugu (1560-1619). 

This is so unique and unusual, because the word “love” is on his helmet. 

It became popular after a TV drama about his life was aired for one year. 

This is a helmet of Date Masamune (1567-1636), “the one-eyed dragon”. 

A big crescent moon is on his helmet.   

Date Masamune has been popular through books, movies, TV dramas, and video games.

It is said one of his helmets became a model of Darth Vader’s helmet. 

Maybe we could display Darth Vader’s helmet instead of samurai warriors’ on May 5th.

Or, how about this one!

Les Feuilles Mortes

April 20, 2011 Leave a comment

"elderly person is driving"

 Yesterday, I saw a car with the new “aged driver sign” (above) for the first time. 

This is the sign that elderly drivers (aged 70 or over) might or might not want to

put on the rear window of their cars. 

It basically says, “an elderly person is driving, so please cut me some slack”.

fallen leaf?

 The sign used be like this, and it was enormously unpopular, because it looks like

a “fallen leaf”, or “dried leaf”.  Thus, the new sign was released. 

There’s another sign like:

"beginner is driving"


The above is the “beginner driver’s sign” and beginner drivers must display this

 on their cars for one year. 
But there may be other drivers who people should be careful.
How about these signs for them?

"woman is driving"

Oops, sorry, ladies!

"otaku is driving"


"Char is driving"

Of course, the car should be red in this case.

Big Fish

April 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Ishikari beach

Went to see the ocean.  It’s the Sea of Japan, aka the East Sea. 
 This is a bathing beach, but of course it’s a little bit too early for swimming.
No swimmers, but there were a couple of couples (who were apparently dating)
and a few anglers! 
This is a good place to fish saffron cod, Japanese dace, and flat fish,
but they say it’s not good to ask anglers what they are fishing —
because they don’t know what they can actually fish! 
“What are you fishing?”  “Your heart, my lady”