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Toyohira River Cycling Road

July 3, 2011 1 comment

Okay, we decided to pedal from one end of the Toyohira River Cycling Road to the other.

It’s about 20 km each way, so it will be a round trip of 40 km!

Today’s maximum temperature is 25 degrees Celsius. 

And the weather forecast says it will be a fine day.  Perfect!

This is one end of the cycling course in Makomanai. 

 The road sign says “beginning”, and we started from here.

You could see the “Munich Bridge” over Toyohira River in the background.

Munich is a sister sity of Sapporo, hence the bridge’s name.

The bank of Toyohira River.  There are hamanasu (rugosa rose) bushes here and there.

They are hamanasu (rugosa rose).   Hamanasu is a flower of Hokkaido.

The flowers open only for one day. 

Along the cycling road, there are baseball grounds, mini golf courses,

basket courts, and parks. 

This is a “water playground”.

This is a kind of  bird sanctuary, and you can listen to various kinds of chirps of birds. 

Now we have come so far! 

And this is the end of Toyohira River Cycling Road! 

The name of the road  actually becomes  “Makomanai-barato-higashiganrai

cycling road” from the north of Ganrai bridge. 

The place is Fukuzumi, near Ainosato. 

Now we have to return all the way to the starting point.

We droped in at the Moerenuma Park (Isamu Noguchi Park) for a restroom break. 

The park is near the end of the cycling road (maybe 20 min. or so).

The picture above is the artificial hill called “Moere Mountain” in the park.


Lake Toya is not only for Manga Anime Festa

July 2, 2011 1 comment

Is there anyone who went to Lake Toya for the Toyako Manga Anime Festa?

Unfortunately it has been busy weeks for me and I missed it, but

hopefully I can enjoy the festa next year. 

But Toyako (Lake Toya) is not only for the Manga Anime Festa. 

There is another reason that otaku should visit Lake Toya.  Which is:

A wooden sword that has the carved characters “Lake Toya”! 

Since the sword was introduced in a very popular comic _Gintama_

(the author is from Hokkaido), it has become famous nationwide and

many people visit Lake Toya to get the wooden sword!

When the G8 summit was held at Lake Toya in 2008, one of the secret services

for President Bush bought a wooden sword and he asked the carver in the shop

to carve “secret service” in Japanese. 

Since then, a wooden sword that has the Japanese carved characters “Secret Service”

has become also popular. 

Both swords can be available for the price of about 3,000 yen. 

Which would you like, the “Lake Toya” sword or the “Secret Service” sword?

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