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No Poop Sign in Sapporo

September 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Probably this is the most common no-dog-poop sign in Sapporo.

This is another version of no-dog-poop sign in Sapporo.

I took this picture at Shiroishi cycling road and many people were walking their dogs

on the Shiroishi cycling road (and no poop on the road) .

This was also at the Shiroishi cycling road.

I like this one because the sign says “atoshimatsu”, which roughly means

“clean up after your dog”, while the tree behind the sign is “matsu”, a pine tree.

So it becomes an unintentional wordplay with “atoshimatsu” and “matsu”.

This is not exactly about dog’s poop, but the sign says “clean up after yourself”,

featuring a dog holding an empty can in his mouth.  Good boy!

This is a poop sign I saw in Munich, Germany, a sister city of Sapporo.

The amazing thing is that  you can put your dog’s poop into this box!

I don’t think we have this kind of waste basket in Japan.

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