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Holiday Weekend

July 15, 2012 Leave a comment

Energy drink with a picture of GOUF!

There are other versions including ZAKU for the Exclusive Use of Char Aznable.

Today’s destination is “Menya Miyabi”, a ramen noodle restaurant in Ishikari city.

Inside of the shop.  (Permission obtained for photo.)

The above is their special menu: Ishikari Salmon Ramen.

Usually ramen noodles use pork for their soup stock and ingredient,

but this Ishikari Salmon Ramen doesn’t use any pork or meat,

so it’s recommendable to those who don’t eat meat.

(It does use “mirin”, sweet cooking rice wine, so it’s not for Muslims.

I will look for Halal ramen noodles!)

Right: Ishikari Salmon Ramen Noodles –regular size.

Left: Soy Sauce Ramen Noodles –double size!

Taking a break at the Ainosato Park.

Today’s traveling distance: 79km.