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Cycling around the lake Toya

June 24, 2013 Leave a comment

toyako bike 1

The circumference of the Lake Toya is 43 km and there is a good road around the lake,

so it should not be so difficult to cycle around the Lake Toya.

Luckily, the weather is perfect!

The toya hot spring onsen resort can be seen at the opposite side of the lake.

toyako bike 2

A Japanese scarecrow.

toyako bike 3

Lake Toya and one of the islands on the lake.

Mount Yotei (aka ezo-fuji, which means “Mt. Fuji in Hokkaido” can be seen,

but the top of the perfectly cone-shaped mountain is hidden by the clouds today.

This is taken from the Toya hot spring resort, the opposite side of the lake in the first picture.

toyako bike 4

Mt. Showa shinzan, the newest volcano mountain in Japan, can be seen.

toyako bike 5

“Cycle computer” shows 29.75 km from the starting point.

A little bit more to the goal.

toyako bike 6

The lake toya, Mt. Usu, and Mr. showa shinzan.

Today’s travel distance (by bike): 38km

(the circumference of the lake is 43 km, but the road surrounding the lake is shorter than that)

top speed: 44km/h

average speed: 22km/h


Toyako Manga Anime Festa 2013

June 23, 2013 Leave a comment

toyako manga 1

Toyako Manga Anime Festa 2013 was held yesterday & today!!

toyako manga 2

A character from “Gintama”.  He says “Welcome to Toyako!”

toyako manga 3

“Cos-players” are gathering here — people enjoy themselves,

wearing costumes from anime or manga.

toyako manga 4

People come here to enjoy “cos-play”, and also there are people who come here

to take pictures of cos-players.

toyako manga 5

“No-face” from the Miyazaki Hayao anime “Spirited Away”!!

toyako manga 7

“Haruhi” and a “Maid”.

toyako manga 6

A lot of food stands.

toyako manga 8

Exhibition of “Ita-sha”.

“Ita-sha” literally means “ouch-car”, which is a car with illustration of an anime or manga character.

Such a car is called “ita-sha”, because people might say “ouch / uh-oh” when they see the car.

toyako manga 9

So many itashas.  They are elaborately and beautifully painted.

toyako manga 11

Even a Ferrari has become an itasha.  Ouch!!

June for Strawberry

June 22, 2013 Leave a comment


June is the best month for strawberry picking.


At a tourist orchard, people can enjoy strawberry picking.


Admission fee is 800 yen to 1,000 and then you can eat strawberries as much as you like.

This is an “Ohno Noen” orchard in Niki town (about 2 hours from Sapporo by car),

and a lot of people were visiting there this morning.


The “receptionist” was cute!!

Can you see that she wears gorgeous fake eyelashes?

Stone Circles in Otaru & Yoichi, Hokkaido

June 21, 2013 Leave a comment


There are a lot of stone circles in Hokkaido that were made in the Jomon period

(about 14,000 BC – 300 BC).

Otaru and Yoichi area has  as many as 80 stone circles.

This is one of them, “Nishizaki-yama stone circle”.

As you can see in the picture, first you need to go up the steep stairs!!


The path is well-managed and it’s easy to walk.


Nishizaki-yama Stone Circle.


The signboard explains the Nishizaki-yama stone circle.


Many stone circles stand on a hill like that where people can look at

the movement of the sun.


The next one is “Oshoro Stone Circle”.


This is Oshoro stone circle.


Oshoro Stone Circle is situated right next to a farmland.


Next, the Jichin-yama  Stone Circle.



Several trees are fallen and left on the path to the stone circle.


Jichin-yama stone circle.

This is also on the top of a hill.


The Fugoppe Cave near those stone circles has a lot of mysterious

wall paintings like this one above.

Maybe humans there at that time used to have wings as the mural show?

Maybe it was those winged people who created all those stone circles??

A curious mind wonders…

Sunset in Shakotan

June 20, 2013 Leave a comment

sunset 1

Sunset view from a hot spring facility “Misaki no Yu Shakotan”.

Cape Kamui can be seen on the far left.


It’s splendid to see the sunset while taking a hot spring outside bath!

“Misaki no Yu Shakotan” is about  2.5 hours from Sapporo by car.

Sika Deer in Nara

June 19, 2013 Leave a comment

nara 5

It seems the deer in Nara Park can be wild.

The illustration is too cute, though!!

nara 4

The signboard says “snack for deer”.

Apparently they are thinking about biting, kicking, butting and knocking down the person

to get the deer snack.

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Dog Day Afternoon

June 18, 2013 Leave a comment


A dog poop sign in Kyoto.


kiyomizu temple 2

And a cool dog with sunglasses near the Kiyomizu temple.

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