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Sunset in Shakotan

June 20, 2013 Leave a comment

sunset 1

Sunset view from a hot spring facility “Misaki no Yu Shakotan”.

Cape Kamui can be seen on the far left.


It’s splendid to see the sunset while taking a hot spring outside bath!

“Misaki no Yu Shakotan” is about  2.5 hours from Sapporo by car.


To the Sea

October 5, 2011 Leave a comment

The other day we went to see the sea on bike!

First, we took the good old Toyohira river cycling road, and then Route 337 and 503.

The picture above is not the sea, but the Barato river in Sapporo.

The same Barato river from the Oyafuru Bridge.

Now we go inter the Ishikari city.

The “Country Sign” of the Ishikari city features the Ishikari Lighthouse and

Hamamasu, a Japanese rose.

Ishikari was just having one of the three big festivals in Ishikari: Ishikari Salmon Festival.

Also, they started a new festival this year: Ishikari Sturgeon Festival!

The picture above is the poster of Ishikari Sturgeon Festival.

The Ishikari Lighthouse.

The sea is almost there.

The view of the Ishikari Lighthouse from the visitor center

Now we did it!  It’s the sea!

The sea of Japan.

On the way back.  Near the north end of Toyohira River cycling road.

Oops, it’s getting dark!  This is again on the Toyohira river cycling road.

today’s travel distance: 93km.

Big Fish

April 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Ishikari beach

Went to see the ocean.  It’s the Sea of Japan, aka the East Sea. 
 This is a bathing beach, but of course it’s a little bit too early for swimming.
No swimmers, but there were a couple of couples (who were apparently dating)
and a few anglers! 
This is a good place to fish saffron cod, Japanese dace, and flat fish,
but they say it’s not good to ask anglers what they are fishing —
because they don’t know what they can actually fish! 
“What are you fishing?”  “Your heart, my lady”