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Attack on Titan

January 17, 2014 Leave a comment

Attack on Titan 0

I found “Corporal Levi’s tea cookies” at a convenience store.

Apparently Corporate Levi doesn’t know how to handle a teacup handle.


Attack on Titan 2

Books I read on the new year’s day were those comics titled “Attack on Titan”.

Corporate Levi is one of the main characters in it.

Once I started reading, it was so interesting and I couldn’t stop.

(depictions of violence are sometimes too brutal, so I wouldn’t recommend this

to everyone, but still fascinating comics to read.)

Next I have to watch the anime version!



May the force be with you

April 23, 2011 Leave a comment

a warrior clad in armor

 May 5th is a day to celebrate boys’ growth and to pray for their future health. 

Households with boys display suits of armors (like the picture above).

Sometimes, a certain kind of helmet and armor becomes popular, thanks to a TV drama or a video game.

This  (above) is the helmet of Naoe Kanetsugu (1560-1619). 

This is so unique and unusual, because the word “love” is on his helmet. 

It became popular after a TV drama about his life was aired for one year. 

This is a helmet of Date Masamune (1567-1636), “the one-eyed dragon”. 

A big crescent moon is on his helmet.   

Date Masamune has been popular through books, movies, TV dramas, and video games.

It is said one of his helmets became a model of Darth Vader’s helmet. 

Maybe we could display Darth Vader’s helmet instead of samurai warriors’ on May 5th.

Or, how about this one!

Yellow Hanky

April 15, 2011 Leave a comment

Watched an old Japanese movie last night on TV: _The Yellow Handkerchief_ (1977). 

The Hollywood film _The Yellow Handkerchief_ (2008)  is a remake of this movie.

The movie starts from the day when the main character is released from prison.

The first thing he tries to have is of course Sapporo Beer! 

The actor Ken Takakura did not eat anything for two days for shooting this scene.

(What beer did the William Hurt character in the Hollywood version try to have?  Was it Budweiser?)

to yubari

Three main characters make a trip through Hokkaido for four days. 

From Kushiro to Abashiri to Obihiro to the last destination, Yubari. 

Yobari!  Once a town of coal mine, now it’s famous for delicious Yubari Melon. 

Also the host city of “Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival” that is held every year.

Quentine Tarantino has once been invited to this festival with his _Reservoir Dogs_. 

Later he named one of the characters in his movie _Kill Bill_ “Go Go Yubari”. 

Go Go, Yubari!

Herb & Dorothy

April 8, 2011 Leave a comment
Herb & Dorothy

Herb & Dorothy


“Herb & Dorothy” is an excellent documentary film about a “incredible true story of a postal worker and a librarian who built a world-class art collection”.  The director and producer, Megumi Sasaki is originally from Sapporo, Hokkaido. 

She visited Sapporo the other day as the film was released here.  Her old classmates in college held a “talk event” for her and her film, and it was such a nice event.  The director talked about a story behind the film, which was really interesting.  If you have a chance to see “Herb & Dorothy”, please don’t miss it!  It’s worth watching.

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