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Yellow Hanky

April 15, 2011 Leave a comment

Watched an old Japanese movie last night on TV: _The Yellow Handkerchief_ (1977). 

The Hollywood film _The Yellow Handkerchief_ (2008)  is a remake of this movie.

The movie starts from the day when the main character is released from prison.

The first thing he tries to have is of course Sapporo Beer! 

The actor Ken Takakura did not eat anything for two days for shooting this scene.

(What beer did the William Hurt character in the Hollywood version try to have?  Was it Budweiser?)

to yubari

Three main characters make a trip through Hokkaido for four days. 

From Kushiro to Abashiri to Obihiro to the last destination, Yubari. 

Yobari!  Once a town of coal mine, now it’s famous for delicious Yubari Melon. 

Also the host city of “Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival” that is held every year.

Quentine Tarantino has once been invited to this festival with his _Reservoir Dogs_. 

Later he named one of the characters in his movie _Kill Bill_ “Go Go Yubari”. 

Go Go, Yubari!


A Perfect Day for Spring Ski!

April 10, 2011 Leave a comment
Mt Yotei

Mt. Yotei

Yesterday morning, we went to Niseko for skiing. It was a perfect day for spring ski. Last year we went to Niseko ski resort on the day of -19 degrees Celsius (-2 degrees Fahrenheit), and well, it was _a bit_ cold. Yesterdays temperature was 1 C (34 F) at minimus and 12 C (54 F) at maximum, and it almost felt like spring. The picture above is the view of Mr. Yotei taken from the plateau at 1000 meters (3281 ft) on Niseko Annupuri mountain. 

Mt. Yotei from the Niseko Annupuri Mountain

 We went up farther, and this is the picture of me looking at Mt. Yotei (1898 m = 6227 ft) from  the top of the No. 4 lift (this is the highest place you can go on the Annupri Mountain by lift).

curry and beer in Niseko

Chicken & vegetable Curry and Sapporo Beer in Niseko

Of course you should enjoy Sapporo beer after skiing!  We took lunch at a restaurant “Hut King Bell” near the gondora station on the Annupri Mountain.  Dishes using locally produced potatoes are popular, and the draft beer here is fresh, because it’s directly brought from Sapporo Beer brewery.   But you might want to be careful not to have a “SUI” (skiing under the influence)!

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