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Toyohira River Cycling Road Sep 2014

September 25, 2014 Leave a comment


Toyohira River Cycling Road again!

We already have an autumn sky.

Purple-colored chrysanthemums and yellow-colored tall golden rods

along the cycling road are now so beautiful.


You can see the Ishikari River from here.


There are puddles here and there in the cycling road.

(Probably because of the rain a few days ago)


At the northern side of the Toyohira River Cycling Road.


Withered sunflowers are traces of summer and cosmoses are now in full bloom.


A red fruit of hamanasu, rugosa rose aka Japanese rose.


Green frogs say “Bridge Work Ahead”!


The toyohira river and the munich bridge.

Today’s distance: 58km


Cycling around Mt. Yotei

July 1, 2013 Leave a comment


This is Mt. Yotei, aka Mt. Fuji in Hokkaido.


Cycling along a country road.


Going into Kutchan Town, famous for its ski resort.


Niseko mountain range can be seen in the back.

It’s supposed to be summer, but the mountains still have snow.


Shiribechi River and the yellow bridge, a symbol of Niseko Town.


A view from the yellow bridge.

People who are enjoying kayaking can be seen.


Taking lunch at “Niseko View Plaza”, looking at Mt. Yotei.


This time we traveled in the counterclockwise direction around Mt. Yotei.

There were actually a lot of ups and downs.


Returned to “Kyogoku Water Spring Park”,  the starting point for today.


Collecting some fresh spring water at “Kyogoku Fukidashi Park”.


Lastly,  a good hot spring bath at “Kyogoku Onsen”!!

It’s in front of the Kyogoku Fukidashi Park, and you can take an outside hot spring bath,

looking at the great view of Mt. Yotei.

Today’s travel distance: 51km

Today’s average speed : 19 km/h

Run time:  2 hours and a half


Cycling around the lake Toya

June 24, 2013 Leave a comment

toyako bike 1

The circumference of the Lake Toya is 43 km and there is a good road around the lake,

so it should not be so difficult to cycle around the Lake Toya.

Luckily, the weather is perfect!

The toya hot spring onsen resort can be seen at the opposite side of the lake.

toyako bike 2

A Japanese scarecrow.

toyako bike 3

Lake Toya and one of the islands on the lake.

Mount Yotei (aka ezo-fuji, which means “Mt. Fuji in Hokkaido” can be seen,

but the top of the perfectly cone-shaped mountain is hidden by the clouds today.

This is taken from the Toya hot spring resort, the opposite side of the lake in the first picture.

toyako bike 4

Mt. Showa shinzan, the newest volcano mountain in Japan, can be seen.

toyako bike 5

“Cycle computer” shows 29.75 km from the starting point.

A little bit more to the goal.

toyako bike 6

The lake toya, Mt. Usu, and Mr. showa shinzan.

Today’s travel distance (by bike): 38km

(the circumference of the lake is 43 km, but the road surrounding the lake is shorter than that)

top speed: 44km/h

average speed: 22km/h

A Long Ride from Sapporo

September 26, 2012 Leave a comment

After riding through Shiroishi Cycling Road, we arrived at Namporo town.

Signs of autumn wer already in the air in the rural area.

The opposite side of the road in Namporo.

Into Iwamizawa City, whose official flower is rose!

The big wheel of “Hokkaido Green Land” in Iwamizawa can be seen in the back.

Going into Ebetsu city through R12.

R 12 was unexpectedly quite comfortable to go on a bike.

Back to Sapporo.

It’s getting dark and dark.

The sunset on Mt. Teine (where 1972 Sapporo winter olympic games were held)

on Autumnal Equinox Day.

Today’s route: Sapporo – Shiroishi Cycling Road – Kitahiroshima City – Namporo Town –

Iwamizawa City – Ebetsu City – Sapporo

Today’s travel distance: 115 km!



15 Shima Park

August 29, 2012 Leave a comment

30 degrees celsius!  It’s too hot for cycling.

Well, but perhaps it wouldn’t be hurt too much if it’s not a long distance ride.

This is a suspension bridge at the 15 Shima Park in Sapporo.

A view of 15 Shima Park from the suspension bridge.

Holiday Weekend

July 15, 2012 Leave a comment

Energy drink with a picture of GOUF!

There are other versions including ZAKU for the Exclusive Use of Char Aznable.

Today’s destination is “Menya Miyabi”, a ramen noodle restaurant in Ishikari city.

Inside of the shop.  (Permission obtained for photo.)

The above is their special menu: Ishikari Salmon Ramen.

Usually ramen noodles use pork for their soup stock and ingredient,

but this Ishikari Salmon Ramen doesn’t use any pork or meat,

so it’s recommendable to those who don’t eat meat.

(It does use “mirin”, sweet cooking rice wine, so it’s not for Muslims.

I will look for Halal ramen noodles!)

Right: Ishikari Salmon Ramen Noodles –regular size.

Left: Soy Sauce Ramen Noodles –double size!

Taking a break at the Ainosato Park.

Today’s traveling distance: 79km.



Toyohira River Cycling Road with Japanese Roses “Hamanasu”

June 14, 2012 1 comment

My favorite cycling road, Toyohira River Cycling Road.

Well, this part is not actually the Toyohira River Cycling Road but the north of it,

but still cars cannot use this road and  we only saw several bikes here on that day.

Hamanasu, Japanese roses, started to bloom.

Hamanasu, aka rugosa rose is an official flower of Hokkaido.

We can see horses along the road.

Can you believe this is in Sapporo where 1.9 million people live?

The view of Barato River from the cycling road.

Today’s our goal is the sea of Japan facing the city of Ishikari — almost there!

And now we have arrived!

Today’s traveling distance: 77km.