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Dolls of “Hina-matsuri” (girl’s festival)

February 27, 2014 Leave a comment

ohinasama 2

Now 45 places including sight-seeing spots and restaurants in Otaru city, Hokkaido,

display “Hina” dolls.

Hina are special dolls displayed on the girl’s festival day (March, 3rd)

to celebrate the growth of girls and wish for their health and happiness.

The picture above shows the hina dolls at Otaru JR station.

ohinasama 1

Now the Otaru JR station has 100 hina dolls!

You can see those hina dolls displayed in many spots in Otaru until March 9th.


Snow Cruise Onze 2014

February 13, 2014 Leave a comment

onze 1

“Snow Cruise Onze” is a ski ground in Otaru, Hokkaido.

While skiing, you can have a great view of Ishikari-wan bay.

Onze opens until 11 o’clock at night, thus it is called “Onze”,

which means eleven in French.

onze 2

It’s nice to ski through the woods and toward the sea.

onze 3

Snow Cruise Onze is not a big ski resort, but really enjoyable

with the great great view of the ocean.

It’s also close to Sapporo, 30 minutes from downtown Sapporo using an express way.

Stone Circles in Otaru & Yoichi, Hokkaido

June 21, 2013 Leave a comment


There are a lot of stone circles in Hokkaido that were made in the Jomon period

(about 14,000 BC – 300 BC).

Otaru and Yoichi area has  as many as 80 stone circles.

This is one of them, “Nishizaki-yama stone circle”.

As you can see in the picture, first you need to go up the steep stairs!!


The path is well-managed and it’s easy to walk.


Nishizaki-yama Stone Circle.


The signboard explains the Nishizaki-yama stone circle.


Many stone circles stand on a hill like that where people can look at

the movement of the sun.


The next one is “Oshoro Stone Circle”.


This is Oshoro stone circle.


Oshoro Stone Circle is situated right next to a farmland.


Next, the Jichin-yama  Stone Circle.



Several trees are fallen and left on the path to the stone circle.


Jichin-yama stone circle.

This is also on the top of a hill.


The Fugoppe Cave near those stone circles has a lot of mysterious

wall paintings like this one above.

Maybe humans there at that time used to have wings as the mural show?

Maybe it was those winged people who created all those stone circles??

A curious mind wonders…